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Soccer7 Philosophy


Soccer7 Philosophy

The Soccer7 goal is to approach player training from a completely unique angle, its designed to enhance the areas of a players cognitive ‘Soccer Engine’ and help encourage their creativity so they succeed inside and outside of the program, Soccer is built up of 4 key components, Soccer7 is built around these components:



All players must have a strong technical base to succeed, this key component consists of the foundations for a complete player, Soccer7 level1 works to ensure this area is solidified and consists throughout the program. Technical Foot skill is considered the most important area to begin within a youth players development, if a player has strong technical foot skill they can demonstrate many other areas of the game more comfortably with the ease of control over the ball, for example the ability to manipulate the ball at speed and under pressure are vital as well as doing so in a composed and controlled manner. Soccer7 provides the best training and learning environment to nurture technical skills to excel and push towards becoming a complete soccer player and having that technical edge over opponents in the game.


Soccer7 believes that the most essential physiological quality for the success of any player is their attitude towards training, towards their teammates+opponents and to the game overall. Many psychological qualities that people often think of when determining this aspect of a player’s development include mental toughness, drive, passions, motivation, dedication, and work ethic. But each of these traits is determined ultimately by the players’ attitude. Players with the right attitude, regardless of their level of technical, tactical or physical development, are already half way to becoming a successful soccer player. This program challenges and works alongside the player’s willingness to help them physiologically are the best they can be!


The program will help Players develop and possess speed or of play, as well as a high work rate and endurance on the ball. The merits of the physical component in soccer certainly do not outweigh the importance of a solid technical base and thorough tactical understanding for the player, but Players must possess some physical ability, which works to enhance their technical ability and allow for tactical decisions to be executed with greater speed of play. Players do not play soccer to get fit; they must be fit to play soccer.

The one aspect of a youth player’s development that they have absolute control over, hand in hand with parents' help, is their own fitness level. When evaluating players, coaches will either notice that a player is fit, or they are not.


To be successful, players need to be able to make quick tactical decisions to support effective game play. Soccer7 teaches players to know when to pass or dribble and also to understand when to apply pressure, how to compact and affect the game strategically in all areas of the field, we will be able to assist them in controlling the pace of the game. We help players “read the game” when they are in positions that consistently demand the quick fire decisions whether they are in an attacking or defensive phase.



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